Dr. Steven Rubin provides therapy to children, teens and adults working with individuals, couples, and groups to reduce stress, develop new skills, overcome roadblocks, increase productivity, eliminate old habits, and improve communication

A note from Dr. Rubin:

For over 25 years, I’ve been helping children, adolescents, adults and families cope with the inevitable challenges that we all experience in life. If you feel worried, unhappy, confused or just plain stuck, please contact me. I welcome the opportunity for us to work together to help you feel better and get your life back on track.

Ann Arbor-based psychologist, Dr. Steven Rubin, helps individuals and families cope with life’s difficulties in a supportive and caring setting. Dr. Rubin collaborates with his clients to develop a plan to best relieve stress, solve problems and develop skills to maximize their potential in their personal and professional lives.. He works with people of all ages – spanning the life cycle from young children to older adults – in a variety of modalities – individual, couples’ and family therapy. Contact Dr. Rubin now to schedule a consultation to address your current concerns.

Dr. Rubin specializes in these areas:

Dr. Steven Rubin

Dr. Steven Rubin

Dr. Steven Rubin is a licensed clinical psychologist who has been in private practice for over twenty years:

In 1990 I earned my doctoral degree from the University of Michigan.  During the course of my graduate training, I completed internships at both the University of Michigan’s Child and Adolescent Hospital and Chelsea Hospital’s departments of Substance Abuse and Psychiatry.  I then became a staff psychologist at Chelsea Hospital working with patients in the substance abuse and mental health clinic as well as a supervising psychology interns.  Subsequently I became a supervising psychologist for St. Joseph’s Priority Health assessment and treatment clinic where I was in charge of developing and overseeing the program for children and families as well as supervising the child and adolescent clinical staff.  Since 1997, I have worked full-time in my own practice.

Throughout my career, I’ve pursued my passion, first developed as a teacher, for working with children in their natural environment, their schools.  For over twenty-five years I have worked for and consulted with school districts where I helped develop and implement a school-based group intervention for children from divorced families, affective education, anti-bullying and social skills programs within classrooms.  Consulting with many parents, administrators and teachers in both regular and special education settings, I have successfully shared many of my clinical skills with the adults who work with children everyday.

I continue to integrate my wide breadth of professional experiences into  my private practice.  I enjoy working with people of all ages who are facing many different challenges in their lives.  To this end, I work with children and their parents on behavioral, school and peer-related problems, I provide therapy for adults with work, family, emotional and substance-abuse problems and also help couples in marital and other committed relationships.  Additionally I am experienced in working with the LGBT community.  I have also continued to provide supervision and consultation to other therapists.

Over many years of clinical practice, I’ve learned to integrate training and experience in psycho-dynamic, family systems and cognitive behavioral therapy. I seek ways to collaborate with each client to decide the best approach for effecting positive changes for their unique set of problems. Recently, a client who had been working with me for some time asked, “What school of psychology do you practice?” When I asked the client what school did he think that I practiced, the client answered, “The practical school”. I experienced this as high praise since it reflected many years of trying to learn to help my clients make changes in specific and concrete ways.


Directions to my office:
103 East Liberty Avenue, Suite 209
Ann Arbor, Michigan 48104

Parking: There is metered parking on East Liberty and surrounding streets. There is a large parking structure one block from my office building at Fourth Avenue and William Street. You can enter the structure from Fourth Avenue or William Street.

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Thank you for thinking of contacting Dr. Steven Rubin.  I am eager to hear from you.  When you compose your message below, bear in mind that email is not a secure communication.  You may consider to leave me a voice message at 734-994-3877.  In either case, I will be in touch with you as quickly as possible.


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